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Easily analyze, design, optimize, and check your structural members within minutes



Includes 3 modules for design of continuous beams, biaxial columns, and out-of-plane concrete or masonry bearing walls.


Includes 5 modules for design of concrete spread footings, combined footings, strap footings, wall footings, and pile caps.


Includes 3 modules for design of concrete/block cantilever retaining walls, restrained basement walls, and counterfort retaining walls.


Includes 4 modules for design of base plates, anchor rods, shear lugs, biaxial columns, steel / composite beams, and shear connections.



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There are different alternatives when it comes to structural engineering software, and ASDIP gets compared to others quite a lot. Here are some concerns from actual customers before joining ASDIP, that can be helpful to you:

“My current structural design software is cumbersome and glitchy, with multiple unexplained input fields.”

The graphical user interface of ASDIP is clean and easy to use. The input options are straightforward and logically presented, carefully designed to maximize your productivity.

“It’s complicated to generate detailed reports with the solution I’m currently using. I waste a lot of time to produce a decent output.”

ASDIP instantly generates two types of reports: Condensed reports organized by topic with the most relevant information, and Detailed reports, with exposed formulas and Code references.

“The technical support of my structural engineering software is vague and inexpert, and generally they take several days to respond.”

Customer support in ASDIP is without equal in the industry. Javier is a practicing structural engineer with 30+ years of experience and he personally provides support the very same day, usually responding within an hour.

“I have found that the structural software packages are very costly out there, sometimes well beyond my budget and my needs.”

ASDIP software is very affordable, since we create, develop, maintain, and market our own products. No extra-costs passed along to you. The value you get from the ASDIP platform far exceeds the price of the software.

“I’m dissatisfied with my current structural software because it has never been updated in months.”

ASDIP software has an extensive set of published blog posts covering a number of technical subjects, and Javier publishes a new article on a regular basis. The software itself is constantly being updated with new features and reported fixes.

“I need to work in both US and Metric unit systems in my projects.”

No problem. ASDIP works seamlessly with any of the following unit systems: US (kip, ft, in, ksi), SI (KN, m, cm, MPa), and MKS (Tn, m, cm, kg/cm2). You can switch between unit systems just with a click.


ASDIP is structural engineering software utilized by structural engineers to cost effectively design, analyze, check, and optimize engineering projects.

  • Quickly model your structure with our simple and efficient graphical user interface.
  • Detailed step-by-step reports with exposed formulas and Code references.
  • Compliance with design Code provisions lets you confidently optimize your design.
  • Extensive documentation, solved examples, and blog posts to guide you throughout the software.
  • Impress clients and plan-checkers with eye-catching condensed and detailed reports.
  • Use your valuable time wisely while ASDIP does the hard work for you.
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ASDIP Structural Software

Engineering Software Testimonials

For more than two decades, ASDIP is structural engineering software designed by structural engineers for use by structural engineers. Now you can read compelling testimonials written and submitted for publication by engineering experts utilizing ASDIP Software.

I purchased the entire ASDIP software suite. After using ASDIP for a few months I believe it works very well for its intended purpose. ASDIP is very simple, reasonably priced, and calculation output is organized with a nice layout.

Chris Krus, P.E.
Krus Engineered Solutions
Lansing, Michigan

I have been using ASDIP structural engineering software in my profession and I find it very helpful. This engineering software saves me a lot of time. It’s easy to use and the results are very accurate. I hope ASDIP Structural Software can develop more software packages to assist me in my design work.

Harry T. Wong
Quezon City, Philippines

I have used this structural engineering software for several months and it’s clearly the best structural engineering software in my library. This software is straight forward, up-to-date, reliable, and the customer service is just great.

Douglas Castillo, PhD CE
Davie, Florida

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