Intuitive and Reliable Structural Engineering Software

Easily analyze, design, optimize and check your structural

members in less time with ASDIP.


Includes 5 modules for the design of continuous beams, biaxial columns, one way slabs, shear walls, and out-of-plane loaded concrete or masonry bearing walls.

Includes 6 modules for the design of concrete spread footings, combined irregular footings, strap footings, wall footings, pile caps, and non-linear pile foundation analysis & design.

Includes 4 modules for the design of concrete/block cantilever retaining walls, restrained basement walls, sheet piling and counterfort retaining walls.

Includes 6 modules for the design of base plates, anchor rods, shear lugs, biaxial columns, steel / composite beams, web openings, and shear & moment connections.

Includes 4 modules for the design of wood continuous beams, wood biaxial columns, wood bearing walls and wood multistory shear walls.


Supports the latest codes in USA & Canada

Easily integrates with 

Increase Productivity

Model your structure and complete your design in minimal time with our powerful set of tools, which deliver faster results than our competitors. Focus your attention on engineering while ASDIP does the rest for you.

Optimize your Design

Perform “what-if” analyses easily with ASDIP. Find the most efficient member sizes and dimensions in compliance with the design codes, and be in complete control of the design process.

Easy To Use

Our simple and intuitive interface will allow you to easily input data and see results in no time. We also provide extensive documentation and tutorials to help you master all aspects of the software.

Expert Support

Receive professional support by an engineer, not a technician, typically within an hour. Available via online chat, phone, or email, we guarantee that our support services are unmatched in the industry.

Quick, easy and thorough! This software is the most user-friendly engineering suite I’ve ever used. The input modules are very intuitive and easy to follow. The comprehensive output with code references make verifying the output a snap."

Richard B. Ewer, PE

Celerity Engineering

I have used this structural engineering software for several months and it’s clearly the best structural engineering software in my library. This software is straight forward, up-to-date, reliable, and the customer service is just great."

Douglas Castillo,
Structural Aide Design & Engineering

What an elegant collection of analysis & design modules. It makes the repetitive and daily design tasks so simple. It saves a lot of time thus increasing efficiency & profit. A must-have for the practicing structural engineer."

Tony Nasser, PE

TRC Structural Engineers


Focus on engineering and let ASDIP do all the hard work for you

ASDIP is a structural engineering software utilized by structural engineers to design, analyze, check, and optimize engineering projects. For more than two decades, ASDIP has provided the highest quality design tools for the engineers of today. With its features, designing structural members has never been easier:  

  • Quickly model your structure with our easy-to-use graphical user interface.
  • Detailed step-by-step reports with exposed formulas and code references.
  • Compliance with design code provisions lets you confidently optimize your design.
  • Extensive documentation, solved examples, and blog posts to guide you throughout the software.
  • Impress clients and plan-checkers with eye-catching condensed and detailed reports.


Is ASDIP Structural Software the right tool for you?

How does ASDIP compare to other engineering software? Here are some answers to costumers before joining ASDIP:

“My current structural design software is cumbersome and glitchy, with multiple unexplained input fields.”

The graphical user interface of ASDIP is clean and easy to use. The input options are straightforward and logically presented, carefully designed to maximize your productivity.

“It’s complicated to generate detailed reports with the solution that I’m currently using. I waste a lot of time trying to produce a decent output.”

ASDIP instantly generates two types of reports: Condensed reports organized by topic with the most relevant information, and Detailed reports, with exposed formulas and Code references.

“The technical support of my structural engineering software is vague and inexpert, and generally they take several days to respond.”

Customer support in ASDIP is without equal in the industry. Receive help from an experienced professional engineer, not a technician. Support is usually provided within one hour.

“I have found that structural software packages out there are very costly, sometimes well beyond my budget and my needs.”

ASDIP software is very affordable, since we create, develop, maintain, and market our own products. No extra-costs passed along to you. The value that you receive from the ASDIP platform far exceeds our competition.

“I’m dissatisfied with my current structural software because it hasn’t been updated in months.”

Our software is constantly being updated with new features and reported fixes. ASDIP has an extensive set of published blog posts covering a number of technical subjects, and we publish new articles on a regular basis as well. 

“My projects require me to work in both US and Metric unit systems.”

No problem. ASDIP works seamlessly with all of the following unit systems: US (kip, ft, in, ksi), SI (KN, m, cm, MPa), and MKS (Tn, m, cm, kg/cm2). You can switch between unit systems just with a click.


What they say

David R. Cassara, PE

Rochester, NY

I have been using ASDIP software for some 3 years and consider the software to be most detailed, efficient, accurate and easy to use design software available for concrete and steel design and detailing. The integrated active graphic modules provide excellent visual design results for load combinations for shear and moments and graphical construction details."


Sarasota, FL

What an elegant collection of analysis & design modules. Versatile and easy to use. It makes the repetitive and daily design tasks so simple. The graphics are very appropriate and the report format is easy to follow. It saves a lot of time thus increasing efficiency & profit. A must-have for the practicing structural engineer.


San Mateo, Philippines

Your software is awesome! For me, it’s the best software especially ASDIP FOUNDATION. I’ve tried other software but ASDIP overcomes all of them. The detailed calculation on the output, the user-friendly GUI, ASDIP is the best.