ASDIP Structural Software offers simple yet powerful tools to assist structural engineers to transparently design, analyze, check and optimize structural design work.

ASDIP was conceived by and designed for structural engineers. ASDIP works with any Windows operating system. The software is extremely user-friendly and offers a series of intuitive modular screens throughout the implementation of specific design methodologies.

For more than 30 years, ASDIP structural engineering software has successfully assisted thousands of practicing structural engineers around the world to optimize their work in a cost-effective and time saving manner. 

ASDIP software relies upon the most recent revisions of building codes, and widely accepted engineering design theories.

ASDIP provides modules for the design of footings, bearing walls, beams, columns, shear lugs, retaining walls, base plates, anchoring to concrete, pile caps, steel connections, etc. New modules are constantly being designed and added to the ASDIP family products.

In addition, an extensive set of blog posts are published on a regular basis with technical and non-technical information about the software.

When I first started working on ASDIP, I was in need of a software that could handle complex designs while using simple steps. Being a practicing structural engineer myself, I initially designed the software for my personal work. However, ASDIP quickly became a very useful tool and many engineers nationwide began to use it. It is now used in over 20 countries and thousands of projects around the world. Its efficiency, reliability and intuitiveness have made this software a must-have for thousands of engineers."

Javier Encinas, MSCE, PE

Founder of ASDIP

Javier Encinas MSCE, PE


Javier Encinas, MSCE, PE founded ASDIP Structural Software in 1992. Javier is a professional structural engineer registered in several states in the United States. He has led a group of professionals for more than thirty years developing this structural engineering software. Mr. Encinas originally created ASDIP as a set of tools for his own use. He realized that there was a need for a powerful design tool, that could also be simple to use and intuitive. Over the years, ASDIP evolved into a high-standard commercial software used by thousands of engineers around the world today. 

Mr. Encinas has been a practicing structural engineer for more than 30 years with broad experience in commercial, industrial, and institutional design. When Javier is not designing structures or producing fantastic software, he can be found practicing outdoor sports, playing guitar and singing, writing blog posts, watching good movies, or playing chess.