Our Clients

ASDIP Structural Software offers powerful tools that are easy to use by structural engineers, designers, contractors, and architects. Our software facilitates a transparent structural design process that enables users to analyze, check, and optimize their work efficiently in a shorter timeframe.

Clients We Serve

Our range of structural software was conceived by and designed for structural engineers and other professionals in the design and construction industry. It is a simple tool that runs on any Windows operating system. Our software provides users with a series of intuitive modular screens that are based on specific design methodologies.

  • Structural & Civil Engineers: Structural and civil engineers design and supervise the development of public infrastructure. They produce designs that utilize construction materials and analyze maps and drawings to determine the necessary project and budget limits.
  • Architects: Architects design buildings and in most projects, they are also required to supervise the whole construction process to ensure their development designs get executed according to plan.
  • Contractors: Contractors take on a construction contract as a vendor who supplies materials or labor to perform the necessary services.
  • Engineering Students: Engineering students learn how to use basic mechanical principles through systematic means to design and operate useful tools and equipment.
  • Bridge Designers: Bridge designers are engineers who analyze land surveys for the purpose of planning bridge locations and testing soils for durability.
  • Steel Fabricators: Steel fabricators make use of an array of techniques to turn basic steel sections into a variety of predefined shapes which are ready to be used for construction purposes.

When Do You Need ASDIP Structural Software?

A construction project involves a series of organized processes that require meticulous planning by a team of professionals from the construction sector. This team is known as a project team along with brief and finance professionals who come together to put together a unique design for a single project. The five main stages of a construction project are as follows:

  • Project initiation and conception
  • Project planning and definition
  • Project execution and launch
  • Project performance
  • Project close

By making use of ASDIP structural software, the project team can ensure complex designs can be managed through the use of simple tools. The different intuitive modular screens of our software enable users to save time to ensure that the project gets executed and completed according to schedule.

Why Choose ASDIP Structural Software?

ASDIP Structural Software aims to reduce the workload of a construction project team by facilitating a much simpler process of designing, analyzing, checking, and optimizing design work. We have assisted thousands of structural engineers and other team players to improve their project cycles in a much more time-saving and cost-effective manner. Taking advantage of our structural software will help users derive a transparent design layout through the implantation of the different construction methods. Users can design footings, beams, bearing walls, columns, retaining walls, shear lugs, and more within a shorter duration while complying with high industry standards and building codes.

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