ASDIP Structural Software offers an intuitive and reliable structural engineering software that provides a user-friendly graphical user interface to allow engineers and other project members to analyze, design, and optimize their structural designs more efficiently. Team members get to model their structure and complete the entire design process with lesser time through the aid of powerful tools. Engineers and other members can focus on engineering while the ASDIP structural engineering software handles all the hard work on their behalf.

Structural Engineering Software for Contractors

Contractors are in charge of managing vendors and trades while acting as the central communication point for all the parties involved in a construction project. They provide manpower and expertise to companies for a certain period of time throughout the whole duration of a project. Contractors also help to coordinate the project which includes the assessment of project documents and determining the costs of materials, office, equipment, and labor.

How We Can Help Contractors


The ASDIP CONCRETE structural design software includes 3 modules for the design of biaxial slender columns, continuous beams, and out-of-plane loaded concrete or masonry bearing walls. Contractors can make use of the software to design and build construction materials that meet project specifications following the client’s requests. The software also securely stores important design calculations which contractors can create and manage.


The ASDIP FOUNDATION structural design software includes 5 modules for the design of combined irregular footings, concrete spread footings, wall footings, strap footings, and pile caps. The objective of the software is to allow contractors to make structural engineering design calculations in a more efficient and time-saving manner for load combinations that are based on user-defined specifications. They are also able to produce and extract comprehensive reports for reviews and approvals by the client or plan-checkers.


The ASDIP RETAIN retaining wall design software includes 3 modules for the design of restrained basement walls, concrete/block cantilever retaining walls, and counterfort retaining walls. Contractors can utilize the software to review wall designs through the software’s user-friendly graphical user interface.


The ASDIP STEEL structural design software includes 5 modules for the design of anchor rods, base plates, biaxial columns, shear lugs, shear and moment connections, and steel/composite beams. The software provides a platform that enables contractors to review the submitted designs which they would require to be sent for production.

Why Should Contractors Choose ASDIP Structural Software?

Contractors are involved in the provision of service, labor, and materials for a construction project. By taking advantage of our structural engineering software, contractors can perform analyzes to narrow down any potential risks of a project. The software also enables contractors to find the most efficient steel component sizes and dimensions that comply to design codes while being in full control of the whole design process. The intuitive interface of our software lets contractors swiftly input data and see quick results to get the necessary construction materials ready before the commencement of the project.

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