Engineering Students

ASDIP Structural Software provides an affordable solution that lets engineering students better optimize their structural designs to get their projects well underway within the stipulated timeframe. Our software is fully licensed and comes with expert support rendered by professional engineers who provide ready support within an hour. The software has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use to enable users to swiftly input data and retrieve immediate results to facilitate a smooth project workflow.

Structural Engineering Software for Engineering Students

Engineering involves designing and constructing structures that include buildings, bridges, and roads. It also requires the application of scientific and mathematical principles for the development of economical solutions to resolve technical problems. Engineering students learn how to link scientific discoveries to commercial applications to meet the needs of consumers and society. An engineering course offers a variety of disciplines that include civil, chemical, environmental, electrical, mechanical, and petroleum engineering.

How We Can Help Engineering Students


The ASDIP CONCRETE structural design software is used by engineers to design reinforced concrete components like out-of-plane bearing walls, biaxial columns, and continuous beams. Engineering students can make use of the intuitive modules to get a hands-on experience on the design process to understand how the construction project design cycle is executed.


The ASDIP FOUNDATION structural design software can let engineering students confidently complete their footing design quickly. They can practice on the designing of concrete footings and pile caps as well as footing members that adhere to the latest ACI 318 provisions. Engineering students are able to optimize the time they have on their hands to ensure their course assignments can be completed as per the deadline.


The ASDIP RETAIN retaining wall design software offers an intuitive platform for the designing of block retaining walls that are in compliance with up-to-date MSJC provisions. The software cuts down on the time needed for design calculations to assist engineering students to move ahead with other components of their course assignments.


The ASDIP STEEL structural design software is designed in accordance with the newest AISC specifications which include AISC 360 and AISC 241 Seismic. It can be used to design steel and composite beams, steel base plates, shear connections, and steel columns. The latest ASDIP STEEL structural design software now includes modules for the designing of moment connections, continuous beams, and other improvements.

Why Should Engineering Students Choose ASDIP Structural Software?

Engineering students can benefit from our ASDIP structural software to gain access to a comprehensive range of powerful tools that handle all the hard design processes of a construction project. The software comes with input modules that are intuitive and straightforward without any complex controls. The software is the most ideal structural engineering suite with an extensive list of analysis and design models that enable engineering students to derive a variety of designs during their practice of becoming successful structural engineers.

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