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Anchor Rods Design

ASDIP STEEL is an engineering software that performs the structural design of steel members, such as composite / non-composite beams, steel columns, base plates, anchor rods, shear lugs, and shear connections.

Below are listed some blog posts that we have published with the best content about anchor bolts design.

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What is Anchor Bolts Design?

Base plates are structural elements at the bottom of columns to spread the concentrated load over a larger supporting area, so that the bearing stresses are under the acceptable limits. Depending on the type of frame the column belongs to, the base plate may be subject to compression, tension, bending and shear. As the applied moment increases, only a portion of the plate is under compression and the anchor rods provide the required tension to maintain the static equilibrium.

Anchor rods are mostly subject to tension and shear. The design implies checking different limit states for tension and shear separately, and then consider the interaction effects.

The Anchor Rods Design Process

The anchor bolts design process consists of the calculation of the tension and shear forces per rod, and then the application the design provisions to ensure that the anchorage capacity exceeds the structural requirements. The design of anchor rods for tension includes checking the limit states of steel failure, concrete breakout, pullout, and side-face blowout.

The design of anchor rods for shear includes checking the limit states of steel failure, concrete breakout, and concrete pryout. The tension-shear interaction effects must also be investigated as part of the design.

ASDIP STEEL includes the design of anchor rods as described above. The ASDIP team has published a series of blog posts on a regular basis covering many technical topics related to the design of steel structures and anchoring to concrete. Our philosophy is to provide the engineering community in general, and particularly our customers, the required tools to complete the structural design tasks effectively in less time and with less effort. You are invited to download the 15-day free trial using the buttons below.