April 16, 2019


ASDIP Structural Software announces the ASDIP CONCRETE 4 release engineering software. Design professionals utilize ASDIP CONCRETE 4 software for the design of concrete members. Following are some of the most important features and benefits included in this version 4.

This new version 4 includes the following three modules:

  • Concrete Column Design – Uni-axial or bi-axial columns. Section can be either rectangular or circular. Slenderness effects are considered. Multiple reinforcing options. Graphical generation of the interaction diagram.
  • Continuous Beam Design – Up to five spans and two cantilevers. End supports can be either fixed or pinned. Multiple load types and load cases. Design Manager to expedite the design. Graphical generation of shear and moment diagrams and beam elevation.
  • Bearing Wall Design – Either concrete or masonry walls. Multiple gravity and lateral out-of-plane loads. Slenderness effects are considered. One or two story walls. Graphical generation of the interaction, axial, shear, and moment diagrams. 

In addition to a new layout design and dozens of improvements, the following are the most important new features and benefits in ASDIP CONCRETE 4 release:

  • Code compliance - ASDIP CONCRETE 4 complies with ACI 318-11 or 14, MSJC-13 or TMS-16, ASCE 7 05 or 10 or 16. Optimize your design per the selected code.
  • Custom load combinations - Now you can specify your load factors and create a set of custom load combinations. This is very useful to create a set of combinations different to the default ASCE 7, for example the load combinations applicable in another country.
  • Beam Design Manager - New tool to perform the design based on your loads and preferred bar sizes. The Design Manager will find the number of required bars and the required lengths along the continuous beam, saving you hours of your valuable time.
  • A new Masonry Wall type added to the Bearing Wall Design module. You can switch between concrete / masonry wall just with a click. Multiple options to model geometry, loads, and reinforcement. Design your walls quickly with much less effort.
  • Software finds and reports the controlling load combination in the design of each component, per limit state. Be in control of your design with transparent reports.

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The annotated screenshots below provide a quick insight of the software. 

Custom Load Combinations

Custom load combinations can now be created from scratch. When you have defined a set of load combinations you can save that set for future use. You can even produce your own library of load combinations and save it for different projects. This is very useful if you need load combinations applicable in other countries, or variations of the standard ASCE 7 combinations. ASDIP CONCRETE 4 release then will use the user-defined combinations to proceed with the design.


Beam Design Manager

The design of continuous beams is now simpler and straightforward with ASDIP CONCRETE. Now the Design Manager will perform the reinforcement design based on your loads and preferred bar sizes. The Design Manager will find the number of required bars and the required lengths along the continuous beam to make sure that the bending capacity ratio is less than 1.0. It will consider the rebars development length. Likewise, it will find the required number of stirrups along the beam to satisfy the shear demand.


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Concrete / Masonry Wall Design

Now ASDIP CONCRETE 4 release includes the design of masonry bearing walls subject to out of plane loads per the latest codes. You can switch between concrete / masonry wall just with a click. Now the bearing walls can be either one or two-story high. Multiple load types can be specified, with or without eccentricity, to model the common situation of typical commercial and warehouse-type buildings. The software will magnify the moments due to slenderness effects. The generated interaction diagram will show the wall capacity for the full range of combined loads. 


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ASDIP CONCRETE 4 has been released. It includes the design of multi-span continuous beams, biaxial columns, and concrete / masonry bearing walls under out-of-plane loads, among dozens of other improvements. The design of such systems may be completed and optimized within minutes, which otherwise would be very cumbersome and time-consuming.

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Detailed information is available about this structural engineering software by visiting ASDIP CONCRETE. You are invited to download the Free 15-day Software Trial, or go ahead and Place your Order.

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Javier Encinas, PE

ASDIP Structural Software

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