April 3, 2019


ASDIP CONCRETE is a structural engineering software for design of concrete members. The new version 4 of this software will be released shortly. This document covers the design of masonry walls, which is a new feature included in ASDIP CONCRETE 4.

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Masonry Wall Design

Now ASDIP CONCRETE includes the design of masonry bearing walls subject to out of plane loads, such as exterior walls in warehouse-type buildings. You can switch between concrete / masonry wall just with a click. Now the bearing walls can be either one or two-story high. The software magnifies the moments and deflections due to slenderness effects.

Multiple load cases can be modeled for distributed and concentrated eccentric vertical loads, as well as horizontal wind pressures. ASDIP CONCRETE calculates the corresponding bending moments along the wall. For a two-story wall the software considers the moment distribution as a continuous beam.

ASDIP CONCRETE generates the shear, axial, and bending diagrams of the wall per load combination, for a granular check of the results. The loads are then presented graphically with the axial-bending interaction diagram for an easier comparison of the structural capacity of the wall.


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ASDIP CONCRETE includes the design of concrete / masonry bearing walls under out-of-plane loads, among dozens of other improvements. The design of such systems may be completed and optimized within minutes, which otherwise would be very cumbersome and time-consuming.

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