March 27, 2022


ASDIP CONCRETE is a software for the structural design of several types of concrete columns, beams, bearing walls and one-way slabs per the latest ACI 318 provisions. On the other hand, ETABS is one of the most widely used software for the structural analysis and design of building systems. We are proud to announce the integration between ASDIP and ETABS for the design of columns in ASDIP CONCRETE. This article shows a brief overview of the ASDIP CONCRETE for ETABS new integration feature.

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Applied Loads and Moments

A typical building is exposed to a number of load cases such as dead, live, wind, snow, seismic, etc. Wind and seismic loads may be particularly complex due to the multiple parameters involved in the generation of these loads according to the design provisions. If a typical column is under the action of axial loads and bending moments at the top and bottom, then the number of loads to consider in the design of a single column could be in the hundreds. If we consider all of the columns in a building, then the number of loads could be as large as several thousands.

Entering the loads and geometric dimensions one by one in a design software would be a very time-consuming and impractical task. Fortunately, ASDIP CONCRETE is now able to import the column loads directly from the ETABS model, so that the columns can be completely designed, optimized, and checked in a matter of seconds using the Concrete Column design module in ASDIP CONCRETE. 


Importing the Column Geometry and Loads 

As an example, consider the 3 x 3-bay, 4-story building modeled and analyzed in ETABS, with a total of 16 x 4 = 64 columns as shown above. The building has dead, live, wind, and seismic loads. The wind loads have 12 steps (cases) and the seismic loads have 6 steps. These steps account for the +/- minimum load eccentricity in each direction.

To import the column loads from ETABS, open ASDIP CONCRETE and in the Project Manager go to Project > Import from ETABS. Select the model file to open and click OK. This will open the model in ETABS and will run the analysis automatically to collect the information. Then ETABS will close.

Going back to the Project Manager in ASDIP CONCRETE, 64 nodes will be created in the tree under Concrete Column. Each node represents one column between levels in the building, meaning that all the column loads of the building were imported into ASDIP, as shown below.


Checking the Loads

After import, you can click on any of the nodes to get access to the calculations for that specific column. On the Loads tab, you will find all of the imported loads. On the Wind tab, you'll notice the new combo box at the top right corner, where the different wind steps can be selected. Note that the values of the loads change accordingly. On the Seismic tab you can check the different steps that were imported, as shown below.

In total, 110 loads per column x 64 columns = 7040 loads were imported in this simple example.


What's next?

Once the loads are imported, you can optimize the design by selecting the rebars accordingly. ASDIP CONCRETE generates a P-M interaction diagram representing the structural capacity of the column. All loads should fall inside the usable area of the diagram.

In the near future the software will include a Design Manager for the Concrete Column module. This feature will create a preliminarily design of the columns as the loads are imported.


ASDIP CONCRETE includes a new feature to import the column geometry and loads from ETABS, so that all the columns in a building can be deigned using ASDIP. Importing thousands of loads now can be done in seconds with a simple click. Further design features are still under development and will be announced shortly.

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