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Structural Design Software

Complete Your Footing Design Quickly and Confidently


ASDIP FOUNDATION is a structural engineering software utilized by engineers for the design of pile caps and concrete footings such as spread footings, strap footings, combined footings, and wall footings as per the latest ACI 318 and CSA A23.3 provisions.

This foundation design software substantially simplifies time-consuming calculations for structural engineering design. Load combinations per either ASCE 7 or user-defined.

ASDIP FOUNDATION 5 has been released, including great new features such as Pile Analysis & Design, Out-of-plane loads in Combined and Strap Footings, and more...


  • Quickly model your concrete footings with the simple and efficient graphical user interface.
  • Confidently optimize your design and comply with design Code provisions.
  • Impress clients and plan-checkers with professional condensed or detailed reports.
  • Extensive documentation, solved examples, and blog posts to guide you throughout the software
  • Create, organize, manage, and store your electronic calculations safely.

Full compliance with:

  • ACI 318-19 and 11/14 (🇺🇸)
  • ASCE 7-05 or 10/16 (🇺🇸)
  • CSA A23.3-19 (🇨🇦)

Key Features: 

  • Spread Footings
  • Strap Footings
  • Combined Footings
  • Wall Footings
  • Pile Caps
  • Pile Analysis & Design
  • Customizable design criteria, options, and conditions.
  • Dead, Live, Roof live, Snow, Wind and Seismic load cases.
  • Complete stability analysis for overturning, sliding, uplift, and bearing.
  • Graphic display of bearing pressures, one-way shears, punching shears, and moments.
  • Design Manager for preliminary design of the footing based on the loading conditions and your preferred bar sizes.


  • Import Loads via Excel
  • Footing Schedule Export to Excel
  • Coming Soon: ASDIP for CAD and Revit



R2P Construction Services

It’s the best engineering software, especially ASDIP FOUNDATION. I’ve tried other software but ASDIP overcomes all of them. The detailed calculation on the output, the user-friendly GUI, ASDIP is the best."




  • combined footing


  • pile cap design


Spread Footing Design Module Features:

A spread footing is an element that spreads the loads in such a way that the soil bearing pressures are under the allowable limits. ASDIP FOUNDATION design software computes soil bearing pressures induced by a square or rectangular spread concrete footing subject to vertical load and biaxial moment. This structural engineering software analyzes the footing stability for overturning, sliding, and uplift. The software performs concrete footings design based upon Ultimate Strength Design Method within ACI 318. Load combinations occur per ASCE 7. Columns may be eccentric in two directions.

The footing is assumed to be perfectly rigid with constant thickness and rotates about its mass center to maintain equilibrium of forces. ASDIP FOUNDATION can calculate the soil pressures under the footing with any service load combination including uplift loading. The pressures may also be calculated when only a part of the footing is in contact with soil (partial bearing). This is especially useful when a footing with small vertical load and big moments is being designed, such as a footing at the corner of a building under lateral loads.


The input options are straightforward and logically presented in tabbed pages. The required input data includes the footing and column dimensions, material properties, allowable soil bearing pressure, and acting service and factored loads. In addition, the software accepts a number of load cases, such as dead, live, snow, wind, and seismic to be combined internally. Modeling a single set of pre-combined loads is also possible.



The program checks the footing stability in overturning, sliding and uplift for the service combined loads, and performs the concrete footings design, which includes the one-way shear, punching shear and bending for the factored combined loads. In each case the controlling load combination is identified and reported.

In case of partial bearing, the software accurately calculates the bearing pressure distribution on the base of the footing. The one-way shear, the punching shear, and the bending moments are calculated based on the bearing pressures under the factored loads. The program uses a sophisticated algorithm based on integrals to find the areas, volumes, and centroids of these irregular resulting geometric shapes.

A detailed step-by-step report is available to the touch of a tab, which is updated with every new change. In addition, ASDIP FOUNDATION uses a pre-formatted colorful text-with-values output for easier identification of the problem areas. ASDIP FOUNDATION generates a graphical view of the designed footing and the resulting pressures and forces. The program also generates the moment and the shear plan views for the controlling combination, as well as a view of the construction section and elevation with the reinforcement information.




  • Any Windows® Operating System. No additional software required.
  • Full compliance with:
    • ACI 318-19 and 11/14
    • ASCE 7-05 or 10/16
    • CSA A23.3-19
  • Versatility to model a full set of load combinations, or just a single pre-combined load.
  • Specify water table location for buoyancy check.
  • Customizable design criteria, options, and conditions.
  • Three different unit systems available:
    • US (in, ft, Kip, ksi)
    • SI (cm, m, N, MPa)
    • MKS (cm, m, Tn, Kg/cm2)
  • Rich user interface to model the geometry, materials, loads and rebars.
  • Multiple load cases such as dead, live, roof live, snow, wind and seismic.
  • Column may be eccentric on footing in both directions.
  • Column can be modeled as a short pedestal supporting a steel column.
  • New clean and uncluttered layout design.
  • Multiple visual controls to model the reinforcing steel.
  • Combined footings can be either rectangular or trapezoidal.
  • Specify proportion of passive and friction acting together for sliding resistance.
  • Change any parameter and see the effect immediately for what-if analysis.
  • Buoyancy effects due to the presence of water table.
  • Custom load combinations.
  • Model concrete piles easily, including the reinforcing steel.
  • Specify up to four layers of soil properties for pile analysis. 

         Calculation results:

  • Complete footing design and footing-column interface.
  • Complete stability analysis for overturning, sliding, uplift, and bearing.
  • Graphic display of bearing pressures, one-way shears, punching shears, and moments.
  • Plain concrete strength considered.
  • Column / pedestal structural design included.
  • Percentage of passive / friction acting together.
  • Software finds the controlling combination for each condition to optimize design.
  • Exact mathematical solution of bearing pressures, shears and moments under biaxial loading.
  • Detailed step-by-step reports with exposed formulas and Code references.
  • Combined text-with-values output message updated with each change.
  • Outstanding output with Print Preview.
  • Three ways to show the calculations: At-a-Glance, Condensed, and Detailed.
  • Construction sketch of your footing updated with each change.


  • Project Manager handles calculations and files for you.
  • You are in complete control of every single aspect of the design.
  • Design your concrete footings in minutes (not hours).
  • Verify every design step quickly. Not a “black box”.
  • No silly assumptions or math shortcuts. Confident, accurate, and reliable results.
  • Focus your attention on engineering, and let ASDIP FOUNDATION handle all the mathematical complexity.
  • Multiple calculations stored in a single project file.
  • Safely create, organize, manage, and store your electronic calculations.

Quick, easy and thorough! This software is the most user-friendly engineering suite I’ve ever used. The input modules are very intuitive and easy to follow. The comprehensive output with code references make verifying the output a snap."

Richard B. Ewer, PE

Celerity Engineering, Inc.

League City, Texas