February 5, 2020


ASDIP Structural Software announces the release of ASDIP FOUNDATION 4 engineering software. Design professionals utilize ASDIP FOUNDATION software for the design of footings and pile caps. Following are some of the most important features and benefits included in this version 4.

This new version includes the following five modules:

  • Spread Footing Design – Any combination of axial vertical and horizontal loads, and biaxial moments. It includes uplift and partial bearing analysis. Column can be eccentric. Multiple reinforcing options. Graphical generation of the interaction diagram.
  • Strap Footing Design – Vertical and horizontal in-plane loads and moments. Multiple load types and load cases. Concrete design including checks of the ACI code provisions. Graphical generation of shear and moment diagrams and beam elevation.
  • Combined Footing Design – Two columns sharing the same footing. Shape can be either rectangular or trapezoidal. Partial bearing analysis. Graphical generation of the interaction, shear, and moment diagrams.
  • Wall Footing Design – Continuous footing supporting a bearing wall. Multiple gravity and lateral out-of-plane loads. Wall can be place eccentrically. Multiple reinforcing options. Graphical generation of the construction plan and section views.
  • Pile Cap Design – Pile cap can be supported by up to 20 piles. Any combination of axial vertical and horizontal loads, and biaxial moments. Graphical generation of the pile axial, shear, punching, and bending diagrams.

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In addition to a better layout design and dozens of improvements, the following are the most important new features and benefits in ASDIP FOUNDATION 4:


Code Compliance

 ASDIP FOUNDATION 4 complies with ACI 318-11 or 14. Load combinations per ASCE 7-05 or 10 or 16. Pile caps based on CRSI Design Guide.

Custom Load Combinations

Custom load combinations can now be created from scratch. When you have defined a set of load combinations you can save that set for future use. You can even produce your own library of load combinations and save it for different projects. This is very useful if you need to consider load combinations applicable in another country, or variations of the standard ASCE 7 combinations. 

You can simply select a load combination file previously saved and ASDIP FOUNDATION wiill use the user-defined combinations to proceed with the design. The software automatically adjusts the user interface to show the number of specified load combinations in the custom set.


Sorted Results by Load Combinations

The previous version only showed the controlling combination for the different limit states. Now in ASDIP FOUNDATION 4 the graphic results can be sorted by load combination for all limit states, such as bearing, shear, punching, bending, etc. With this new feature the engineer can do a granular check in great detail and find out the results for any load combination, as opposed to get just the "controlling results". This is a very useful and important checking tool during the design process.

Now you have access to the full picture. With this new feature it's easier than ever to check your results in a great detail and optimize your design in minutes. Of course this feature applies to the standard ASCE 7 combinations and to the custom load combinations as well.


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Wall Footing Design

Now ASDIP FOUNDATION includes the design of continuous footings for bearing walls under vertical and out-of-plane loads. This is a requested module for long time and now it forms part of ASDIP FOUNDATION 4. 

The wall can be placed eccentrically on the footing, as normally occurs in walls near the property line. Loads can be entered as a series of load cases and the software will combine them per the specified load combinations. Alternatively, pre-combined loads can be entered as Service and Factored loads. This is useful to model footings when the combined reactions were calculated somewhere else. 

ASDIP FOUNDATION checks the footing stability in overturning and sliding, and it calculates the soil bearing pressure and compares it versus the allowable values. In addition, the software checks the shear forces at a distance "d" from the wall face, and calculates the bending capacity and development length of the specified rebars in the footing. The program also checks the load transfer between the wall and the footing.


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Pile Cap Design

Now ASDIP FOUNDATION includes the design of pile caps subject to vertical and horizontal forces, and biaxial moments. This is also a long-time requested module that now forms part of ASDIP FOUNDATION 4.

The pile cap can be supported by up to 20 piles in predefined layouts that can be selected easily. The program checks multiple limit states for pile axial, one-way shear, punching shear, bending stresses, etc. In addition, the software performs the special checks for shear and punching at the column face.

The program allows eccentric columns and it considers the additional moments. Accidental pile offset can be specified to account for construction inaccuracies. ASDIP FOUNDATION 4 includes multiple options to optimize the reinforcement. Piles can be batter to improve the lateral load capacity of the piles group.

The software checks the load transfer between the column and the pile cap and generates the column interaction diagram. No need to use published conservative tables and charts for specific standard conditions. Now you can model your pile cap in a software and do a granular check of the results.


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ASDIP FOUNDATION 4 includes the design of Spread Footings, Combined Footings, Strap Footings, Wall Footings, and Pile Caps, among dozens of other improvements. The design of such systems may be completed and optimized within minutes, which otherwise would be very cumbersome and time-consuming.

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