November 30, 2021


ASDIP RETAIN 5 will be released shortly. It includes the design of Cantilever, Counterfort, and Basement retaining walls. A new module has been added to the package for the design of Sheet Pile walls. This document is a brief overview of some of the most important new features included in this retaining wall design software.

ACI 318-19, AASHTO LRFD-20, TMS 402-16, and AISC 360-16 Compliance

ASDIP RETAIN 5 now fully complies with ACI 318-19, AASHTO LRFD-20, TMS 402-16, and AISC 360-16 code provisions for concrete, masonry, and steel design.

AASHTO and Custom Load Combinations

The AASHTO LRFD load combinations have now been implemented in ASDIP RETAIN 5. This new feature is useful to design bridge abutments and other highway retaining structures. The AASHTO load combinations, as well as the structural design of the retaining walls, meet the design provisions by AASHTO, including the type of loads applicable to the different stability failure modes. The graphical results can be sorted by load combination for granular checking.

In addition, you can now specify your own load factors and create a set of custom load combinations. This new feature is very useful to create a set of combinations different to the default ASCE 7-16, for example load combinations applicable in other countries. ASDIP RETAIN 5 will then use the user-defined combinations to proceed with the design. The custom load combinations can be saved for future use.


Sheet Pile Wall Design

ASDIP RETAIN 5 now includes the design of cantilever and anchored sheet pile retaining walls per the latest AISC provisions. Several layers of soil properties can be modeled, as well as the position of the water table. You can specify a safety factor to affect the passive pressure in the calculation of the embedment depth.

The diagrams of pressures, loading, shears, moments, and deflections, are generated immediately as you enter the input data. This is a new module requested for a long-time by our customers, and it is now part of ASDIP RETAIN 5. 


Improved Detailed Results

ASDIP RETAIN 5 now generates separate tabs for each stability failure mode analysis, such as overturning, eccentricity, sliding, bearing. The previous version showed only one tab for the stability analysis. The graphical results can be followed granularly per load combination, or showing the identified combination that controls the design.

In addition, concentrated horizontal and vertical loads are now included, which is particularly useful in the design of bridge abutments. The soil lateral pressures can be either specified directly, or calculated internally based on the material properties. Surcharge loads can now be specified as dead and live loads.



ASDIP RETAIN 5 new features include the compliance to the latest design codes, a new module for the design of Sheet Pile retaining walls, in addition to AASHTO and user-defined load combinations, and dozens of improvements. The design of such structures may be completed and optimized in minutes, which otherwise would be very cumbersome and time-consuming.

Detailed information is available about this structural engineering software by visiting ASDIP RETAIN. For our collection of blog posts about retaining walls please visit Structural Retaining Wall Design.

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