April 26, 2023


ASDIP RETAIN is a structural software that includes the design of cantilever, basement, counterfort retaining walls, in addition to sheet piling. Now ASDIP RETAIN complies with the Canadian concrete code CSA A23.3-19. Following is a brief discussion of the implementation of this new feature in the software.

ASDIP RETAIN Complies with CSA A23.3-19

To specify the design code, go to Design > Design Criteria > Codes. In addition to the ACI 318 and AASHTO LRFD, now ASDIP RETAIN includes CSA A23.3-19 as an option for both the concrete code and the load combinations. Select this option and the design will fully comply with the CSA A23.3-19 provisions.

Even when CSA A23.3 has its own set of load combinations, you can specify your own load factors, or specify the ASCE 7 combinations if desired. This offers a great flexibility in the design capabilities of the software.


Exposed formulas with references

The Detailed tab shows a step-by-step set of detailed calculations, which include exposed formulas and references to the code. This information is very useful for a granular check of the calculations, both during the design process, and when the project is submitted for check approval.

The new CSA A23.3 provisions include bending, one-way shear, and punching shear, as shown below.

csa-detailed calculations


ASDIP RETAIN fully complies with the Canadian concrete code CSA A23.3-19. This new feature affects the design of all types of retaining walls. These provisions include bending, one-way shear, and punching shear design.

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