By: Javier Encinas, PE | December 22, 2015

ASDIP Structural Software releases regular updates to ASDIP RETAIN (Version 3) structural engineering software. Utilize ASDIP RETAIN software for the design of restrained retaining walls and cantilever retaining walls. Following are some features included in this version 3.

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This structural engineering software offers three levels of design results such as At-a-glance, Condensed, and Detailed.

ASDIP RETAIN 3 software finds and reports the controlling load combination in each stage of structural design.

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ASDIP RETAIN 3 includes a new Detailed tab showing step-by-step calculations and exposed formulas with references to the design Code.

This software version allows the selection of the stem material using concrete, masonry, or a combination of both.

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With ASDIP RETAIN 3 you can perform granular checking of stability and strength by load combination.

The user interface of ASDIP RETAIN 3 changes dynamically depending on the user selections.

This structural engineering software offers graphic presentation of loads, pressures, forces, and design ratios.

Detailed information is available about this structural engineering software by visiting ASDIP RETAIN. Go ahead and download a Free 15-Day Software Trial or go ahead and ORDER NOW.

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