August 23, 2022


ASDIP STEEL is a structural engineering software for design of steel members and connections. In addition to the latest AISC steel sections database, a new steel sections database has been added to include the steel shapes used in Europe and Latin America. Now it's possible to select IPE, IPN, HE, and UPN steel sections directly from the database and use their properties in the design.

European Sections Database

As with the AISC steel sections database, the structural properties are available either in US or metric units, depending on the specified units' system.

To specify the desired database on ASDIP STEEL, go to the Project manager > Settings > Steel Database and select the corresponding option, either AISC v 15, or European. Save as default your selection if desired.


Depending on the selected database, when you create a calculation and click on the Steel Database button, the corresponding database will show up. Then you can select any of the available sections shown in the table, and the section properties will be transferred to the calculations directly. No need to enter the section properties manually.

The database will display the section properties in the specified units. To change the units' system, go to Design > Units and select from the US, SI, or MKS options. The database now will display the section properties in the new units' system.



ASDIP STEEL now includes the European steel sections database in addition to the latest AISC sections database. You can select these steel sections directly from the database and use their properties in the design.

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