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Bug Fixes and Maintenance

ASDIP Structural Software issues regular updates to fix reported bugs and add minor new features free of charge.

Major program upgrades to a new version include new major features and enhancements. These upgrades are offered to ASDIP customers at affordable prices. If your annual Maintenance & Support Plan is active, all upgrades will be included at no additional charge. To learn more about our latest upgrades click here.

Maintenance & Support Plan

*Note: If you signed up for an annual subscription of the software, then the Maintenance & Support Plan is already included in your subscription.

For legacy customers: When you purchase a perpetual license of a product, the price includes one year of maintenance and support. After that period, you will need to renew your annual Maintenance & Support Plan in order to continue enjoying the following benefits:

  1. All updates to the current and new version of your product will be free of charge. This will ensure you the very latest version of your product all the time.
  2. Automatic Web Update will be included, which means that your software will automatically detect if there’s a new update available to download. No need to check by yourself regularly.
  3. Unlimited technical support by a PE, not a technician. Get expert answers to your questions quickly and boost your productivity. Email and chat are the preferred and most effective methods.
  4. Move your license to another computer if necessary, otherwise you may get stuck if your computer crashes or it’s stolen. If your plan is active, simply ask our support team to uninstall your license from your old computer.

If you don’t renew your annual Maintenance & Support Plan you can continue using your software normally, but you will not enjoy the benefits described above. If you wish to renew your plan, click here.

When the deadline of your renewal is approaching, you will receive courtesy emails to remind you about the importance of keeping your Maintenance & Support Plan active.

Unlimited Tech Support

Unlimited technical support through e-mail (preferred), chat, phone, or mail is available at no charge. Please visit our Contact page. This is available only if your annual Maintenance & Support Plan is active.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

To assure complete satisfaction, ASDIP Structural Software offers a Guaranteed 30-day Full Refund (5% processing fee applies).