February 6, 2018


ASDIP RETAIN is a structural engineering software for design of retaining walls. ASDIP RETAIN includes the design of concrete cantilever retaining walls based on the latest ACI 318 provisions.

The design of retaining walls may become cumbersome and time-consuming, since it involves an iterative process to calculate the stability ratios, and the application of the Code provisions to design the reinforcement. This document is a step-by-step overview of a design example of a typical concrete cantilever retaining wall using ASDIP RETAIN.

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Cantilever retaining wall design example

As an example, let’s consider a cantilever retaining with a flat backfill, subject to the surcharge load shown below. Design the optimum dimensions and find the required reinforcement.


The first step is to enter the required stem height. From the given information, the total wall height is 18′-0″, so it’s necessary to assume a footing thickness. The toe and heel lengths will depend of the stability and strength results, so this is an iterative process. The image below shows the Geometry tab to the left, and a summary view with the most relevant result information.


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The next step is to enter the loads on the wall as defined above. In this example the wall has a full height backfill, and a uniform surcharge on top. The image below shows the Loads tab, and a partial view of the Condensed report with a more detailed information.


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The next step is to enter the material properties as defined above. In this example the concrete strength is 3000 psi. This will affect the shear strength, and will control the thickness of the stem and footing. The image below shows the Material tab, and a graphic view the Stability pressures and forces.


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The next step is to specify the rebars for the wall. ASDIP RETAIN has multiple options to customize the reinforcement. The image below shows the Reinforcement tab and a construction view of the retaining wall design example rebar sizes and spacing.


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ASDIP RETAIN includes the design of cantilever retaining walls. The design can be completed and optimized within minutes, which otherwise would be very cumbersome and time-consuming.

Detailed information is available about this structural engineering software by visiting ASDIP RETAIN. For engineering background, please see my blog post Cantilever Retaining Walls: Overview of the Design Process. For our collection of blog posts about retaining walls please visit Structural Retaining Wall Design.

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