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What Systems of Units Are Available in ASDIP Software?

By: Javier Encinas, PE | August 13, 2019 ASDIP is a structural engineering software for design of building members and components. It includes the design of beams, columns, bearing walls, footings, base plates, retaining walls, etc. With this diversity of design modules in compliance with different design codes, it's important to consider the capability of the software to perform calculations using different systems of units. It's not uncommon nowadays to see a project being developed simultaneously in several countries. This document discusses in greater detail the options available in ASDIP software to work with different unit systems. What are the [...]

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How Are the Calculations Managed in ASDIP Software?

By: Javier Encinas, PE | May 8, 2017 ASDIP is a structural engineering software for the design of structural members and components, capable to create complex calculations. But how exactly does ASDIP manage all these calculation sets in a project? This blog post discusses this important part of the software. Structural engineering is all about calculations, and even a simple project may contain several sets of calculations for different members. The Project Manager is the central piece of ASDIP software. It is in charge of organizing all the calculations in a project, and keeping the common information updated and active. [...]

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ASDIP Project Manager – The Core of the Software

By: Javier Encinas, PE | March 28, 2016 ASDIP is structural engineering software for member design. When ASDIP opens, a window pops up showing a menu bar and icons at the top, some buttons at the left, a tree at the right, and more buttons below the tree. This is the ASDIP Project Manager, as shown in the picture below. This blog post covers the purpose and capabilities of this part of ASDIP software. What is the purpose of the Project Manager? In ASDIP software all project information, including calculations, settings, preferences, etc, is stored in [...]