February 4, 2021


ASDIP STEEL is a structural engineering software for design of steel members and connections. It includes the design of shear and moment connections based on the latest AISC provisions.

The design of moment connections involves the checking of multiple limit states, design provisions, and geometric constraints. ASDIP STEEL includes "Flange-Plated" and "Direct Welded Flange" moment connection types, and now "Extended End Plate" moment connections have been added to the package as well, based on the AISC Design Guide #4. This document is an overview of this new feature on moment connection design, and the user interface in ASDIP STEEL.

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How do you model End Plate moment connections?

The first step is to select the moment connection type at the top of the Geometry tab. The three options are Flange-Plated, Welded Flange, and End Plate. The user interface will change dynamically in accordance with your selection, as shown in the screen shot below.

In the Geometry > Column tab select the column section from the AISC built-in database. Note that the beam is connected to the column flange. Some limit states are different when the column doesn't continue up, as in the case of roof levels, therefore it's necessary to specify if the connection occurs at the roof or at a floor level.

For moment connections on both sides of the column, the column web must be checked for compression buckling. Some limit states at the column side are not applicable when continuity plates are added to the connection.

The At-a-Glance tab shows a summary of the results organized by topic. The limit states are listed for the moment and shear connections, where you can see what limit state passes or fails to resist the applied loads. The Design Checks section shows the ratios of the applicable code design provisions. Finally, the Geometric Constraints Check identifies any problem with the geometry of the connection, such as interferences between elements, edge distances, etc.


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How do you specify the End Plate type?

In the Geometry > End Plate tab select the end plate type from these three options: 4-Bolt Unstiffened (4E), 4-Bolt Stiffened (4ES), and 8-Bolt Stiffened (8ES). This refers to the number of bolts placed close to each beam flange. Stiffened connections will have a vertical stiffener plate at the top and bottom of the beam.

The required information depends on the end plate type selection, and it includes the end plate dimensions and the location of the bolts. ASDIP STEEL shows a schematic view of the connection to clarify the meaning of the variables, as shown below.

The Condensed tab shows the calculation results in more detail, grouped by topic and per load combination. It shows the controlling load combination and the controlling limit states for a quick granular check.


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How do you specify the material properties?

Go to the Materials tab and then click on the tab corresponding to the element whose material you want to specify. For example, the End Plate tab will let you enter the plate Fy and Fu, and also the stiffener Fy.

The Detailed tab shows a step-by-step set of calculations, grouped by topic, with exposed formulas and references to the design code, for a deep granular checking of the results, as shown below.


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How do you enter the loads?

Go to the Loads tab to enter the applied P and M loads in the connection. The loads can be a single set of pre-combined loads, or a set of load cases. In the latter case ASDIP STEEL will combine the loads per the specified load combinations, either ASCE 7-10/16, ASCE 7-05, or user-defined.

ASDIP STEEL generates images of the designed connection in plan, section, and elevation views with useful information to generate the construction drawings. In addition it shows a summary of the results for a quick check, as shown below.


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ASDIP STEEL includes the design of shear and moment connections, with multiple options to optimize the design in less time. A new feature allows the design of Extended End Plate moment connections per the latest design codes.

Detailed information is available about this structural engineering software by visiting ASDIP STEEL. For a design example see the post End Plate Moment Connection Example. For engineering background, see the post Shear Connection: Overview of the Design Process. For our collection of blog posts about steel design please visit Structural Steel Design.

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