FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

/FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The reports include exposed formulas and Code references for granular checking, as well as pre-formatted graphical images, organized by topic.

No, the evaluation period is 15 days, counting from the first time you open the software. This period cannot be extended, and the same trial will not run in the same computer. You will need to install the trial in another computer, which will give you 15 more days for your evaluation.

Yes, please subscribe again and proceed to download your trial version of another product. Please note that the same product trial will not work in the same computer after the evaluation period has expired.

Yes, you can use it if your system supports it. This product was discontinued in 2012 due to compatibility problems with 64-bit systems. We recommend you to upgrade to our current up-to-date products and take advantage of the latest technology and design codes.

Absolutely! When you order the full suite you automatically save 30% of the sum of the individual prices. This is deliberate discounting to promote the full suite of ASDIP Structural Software.

The company name is embedded in your license, and you entered this information at the time of your license authentication. To change your company name, simply uninstall your license and then install it back, but this time change the company name as desired.

All licensed users will be provided free updates to fix reported bugs or add new minor features. However, major upgrades which include major features and code compliance upgrades with a newer design code (about once every two years) are considered paid upgrades. You decide if you want to pay for any subsequent upgrade. Typically the price of an upgrade is about one half of the price that you paid for your existing license.

No! The latest version of ASDIP Structural Software is always available to download from our web site. With your purchase you will receive an email with a software license key and instructions to convert the trial version to the full authenticated licensed version.

Since your computer will no longer be accessible you simply send Javier an email and Javier will deactivate your software license in our authentication server, so that you can install the software license in another computer without any problems.

Simply uninstall the license in your old computer and then install your software license in your new computer. Alternatively, you can send Javier an email and he will deactivate the license in our authentication server, so that you can install the software license in the new computer without any problems.

No! A license will not expire with time. About every two years ASDIP Structural Software releases a new version of each software product to add new features and comply with new code revisions. These version releases also include all new features, functionality, and components. At that time of a version release you decide if you want to buy an upgrade license, otherwise you can continue using your existing software version.

Local License is utilized by an individual engineer with a maximum install of two computers such as desktop and laptop. The Network License can be used by any number of individuals accessing the server, but one user at a time. The price of a Network License is twice the price of a Local License.