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ASDIP Software Features

ASDIP is an engineering software that performs the structural design of building components, such as beams, columns, walls, footings, base plates, anchor rods, retaining walls, etc. 

Below are listed some blog posts that we have published with the best content about some ASDIP software features.

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What Are the Main ASDIP Software Features?

ASDIP is structural engineering software utilized by structural engineers to cost effectively design, analyze, check, and optimize engineering projects. The program lets you model the structure quickly with our simple and efficient graphical user interface, and get immediate results with each change in the input.

The results are presented in three different degrees of completeness of the information: At-a-glance, condensed, and detailed pre-formatted reports with excellent quality. The software generates images to enhance the presentation of results, such as diagrams, sections, plan views, elevations, etc.

An extensive documentation in the Help file, user's manual, solved examples, and blog posts provide all guidance you may need throughout the software. A more in-depth list of features of each of the ASDIP products can be found in the corresponding pages as follows:

  • ASDIP CONCRETE - Design of beams, columns, and walls.
  • ASDIP FOUNDATION - Design of spread, combined, and strap footings.
  • ASDIP RETAIN - Design of cantilever, basement, and counterfort retaining walls.
  • ASDIP STEEL - Design of beams, columns, base plates, anchor rods, connections.

The ASDIP team has published a series of blog posts on a regular basis covering many technical topics related to the design of structural members. Our philosophy is to provide the engineering community in general, and particularly our customers, the required tools to complete the structural design tasks effectively in less time and with less effort. You are invited to download the 15-day free trial using the buttons below.