May 11, 2023


ASDIP FOUNDATION is a structural engineering software for design of footing members. It includes the generation of a Footing Schedule based on the information on all the footings in a building, and the exporting of this schedule to Excel. This post is a brief overview of how these new features work, and how to use them to complete the design in less time and boost your productivity.

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Importing the Column Reactions

ASDIP FOUNDATION lets you import the column reactions from two sources:

  1. Import from an ETABS model. The columns reactions and columns sizes can be imported directly from ETABS for all load cases, and then these loads can be combined in ASDIP during the footing design process. Please see ASDIP FOUNDATION and ETABS Integration.
  2. Import from an Excel file. ASDIP FOUNDATION will read the column reactions and column sizes directly from an Excel file that has been previously prepared with the required information in a specific format. Please see Importing Reactions from Excel to ASDIP FOUNDATION. 

At the end of the importing process, ASDIP FOUNDATION will show all the imported footings as nodes of the tree in the Project Manager, as show below. Double-click on any node to open the calculation of that particular footing. 


Footing Batch Design Manager

The Batch Design Manager is a tool that performs a preliminary design of a group of footings based on the loading conditions and your preferred bar sizes. Once the preliminary design is completed, the user can get access to the calculations of any specific footing in the batch and easily fine-tune the design with minimum effort. Please see Footing Batch Design Using ASDIP FOUNDATION.

Generating a Footing Schedule

Once the design of all the spread footings of a building has been completed, it's time to show all this information in the construction drawings. This normally includes a Foundation Plan, which identifies and shows the location of each footing in plan view, and a Footing Schedule, which shows all the information related to dimensions and reinforcement of each footing in a tabular format. ASDIP FOUNDATION generates both documents.

If you are designing just one or two footings, you can probably show a plan and a section of each footing in the drawings. However, for a typical concrete building with several dozens of footings, a footing schedule will be very useful.

ASDIP FOUNDATION will generate a Footing Schedule, which is a pre-formatted table that shows the most relevant information about every footing in your project, such as the footing dimensions and the rebars in each direction, as shown below. This feature may save you hours of your time. Instead of copying the information of each footing manually, now you can let ASDIP generate the schedule for you.

In addition, ASDIP allows you to export the Footing Schedule to an Excel file. This will boost your productivity since the schedule can now be copied and pasted from your spreadsheet directly to your construction drawing.



ASDIP FOUNDATION can generate a Footing Schedule, which will show the design of all the footings in a tabular format, and Export to Excel, which will allow to copy/paste of the schedule to the construction drawing.

For engineering background, see the blog post Spread Footing Design Using ASDIP FOUNDATION
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