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Free Beam Calculator

ASDIP free online beam calculator allows you to design pinned supported, fixed supported, and continuous beams with end cantilevers. With this calculator you'll be able to do the following: 

  • Calculate Support Reactions
  • Generate Shear Force Diagrams 
  • Generate Bending Moment Diagrams
  • Full Version: calculate deflections, concrete design, steel design, detailed reports, structural strength, composite beam design, custom load combinations, beam schedule, and more!
  • Trial Version: Same as the full version but with minor limitations, such as Print and Save. Allows you to test all ASDIP software for 15 days. 

Need More? Upgrade to the Full Version or sign up for a Free Trial to unlock more beam features.

ASDIP CONCRETE includes modules for continuous beam design per the latest ACI 318-19. You can model up to five spans and two end cantilevers with a number of load types such as uniform, variable, concentrated, and moment. The software generates the shear and moment diagrams, superimposed on the structural strength diagrams. The long-term deflections are included in the calculations.

ASDIP STEEL includes modules for continuous beam design, either composite or non-composite, per the latest AISC 360. For composite beams, the program calculates the required number of shear studs for either partial or full composite action. The software includes the construction loads as well as the final loads in the design. The load combinations are per the ASCE 7-16 or user-defined.

Start your Free Trial and experience everything that ASDIP has to offer! You'll be able to evaluate all software, including the beam modules, for 15 days: includes packages for CONCRETE, STEEL, RETAIN and FOUNDATION design. Or place an order and upgrade to the Full Version. 

How To Use The Beam Calculator

Welcome to the ASDIP free online beam calculator. This beam calculator allows you to model up to three continuous spans and two end cantilevers. Use the Geometry tab to enter the beam cross section dimensions, the number of supports, the span lengths, and the type of supports, either pinned or fixed. The beam types can be rectangular, T-beams, spandrel beams, and L-beams. 

A number of different load types can be specified, such as uniform loads, variable loads, concentrated loads, and bending moments. The distributed loads can be applied partially in any span. Click on the Loads tab to enter the loads information per span. Select the span from the Segment drop-down list. The loads can be either pre-combined loads (no additional load factors), or a set of nominal load cases to be combined internally. Load combinations per ASCE 7-16. The beam self-weight can be added to the external loads easily.

Beam Support Reactions Calculator

This beam calculator can generate a beam elevation showing the applied loads in the Graph tab. The program calculates the support reactions for the selected load combination. These reaction forces can then be used to design the columns and footings. Note that the full version will calculate the support reactions for both service and factored load combinations.

Shear Force Diagram Calculator

An important feature of the beam calculator is its ability to generate the shear force diagram of the beam in the Graph tab for the specified loads. The program will then calculate the shear forces along the beam for the selected load combination. The shear diagram conveniently shows the maximum shear force at the critical section at "d" from the column face. Note that the full version also calculates the shear design strength along the beam and draws this strength diagram in the background for comparison purposes.

Bending Moment Diagram Calculator

ASDIP's free beam calculator tool will also allow you to generate the bending moment diagram of the beam for the specified loads and for the selected load combination in the Graph tab. To see the diagrams in a larger scale for a specific span, just select it from the Segment drop-down list. Note that the full version also calculates the bending moment design strength along the beam and draws this strength diagram in the background for comparison purposes. This way, if the bending moment capacity is overstressed at any point, this can be immediately identified.

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