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Free Concrete Footing Calculator

ASDIP free online concrete footing calculator allows you to check the stability, overturning, sliding, and bearing for the foundation design of a spread footing. With this calculator you'll be able to do the following: 

  • Design Foundations size
  • Generate bearing Diagrams 
  • Check Stability Calculations 
  • Check shear and moment capacity
  • Full Version: Multiple options for reinforcement design, detailed reports, sorted results, custom load combinations, soil pressures, and more!
  • Trial Version: Same as the full version but with minor limitations, such as Print and Save. Allows you to test all ASDIP software for 15 days. 

Need More? Upgrade to the Full Version or sign up for a Free Trial to unlock more foundation design features.


ASDIP FOUNDATION includes modules for the design of foundations and pile caps per the latest ACI 318-19. You can model Spread Footings, Strap Footings, Combined Footings, Wall Footings, and Pile Caps. Apply a number of load cases and combine them per ASCE 7 load combinations. The software checks the stability and generates bearing diagram per load combination. It verifies the structural capacity in shear, punching shear, and bending, and generates the pedestal interaction diagram. Exposed formulas and code references for granular checking are included in detailed calculations.

Start your Free Trial and experience everything that ASDIP has to offer! You'll be able to evaluate all software, including the footing modules, for 15 days: it includes packages for CONCRETE, STEEL, RETAIN, WOOD and FOUNDATION design. Or place an order and upgrade to the Full Version. 

How to Use The Concrete Footing Calculator

Welcome to the ASDIP free online spread footing calculator. This calculator allows you to model a spread footing supporting a column. Use the Geometry tab to enter the dimensions of the footing and column. Steel columns can be supported on concrete pedestals, or supported directly on the footing.

A number of different load types can be specified, such as horizontal and vertical concentrated loads, and biaxial bending moments. The software calculates accurately the shape and magnitude of partial bearing pressures, shear forces, and bending moments. 

Spread Footing Calculator

This spread footing calculator can compute soil bearing pressures induced by a square or rectangular spread concrete footing subject to vertical load and biaxial moment. The software analyzes the footing stability for overturning, sliding, and uplift. Use the Geometry tab to specify the footing and column dimensions. The user interface of the the free calculator will change dynamically with every selection.

Check Stability Calculations

The free concrete footing calculator checks the footing stability in overturning, sliding and uplift for the service combined loads, and performs the concrete footings design, which includes the one-way shear, punching shear and bending for the factored combined loads.

Foundation Design and Analysis

The foundation design calculator is a light version of our Foundation program, which substantially simplifies time-consuming calculations for concrete footings such as spread footings, strap footings, combined footings, wall footings and pile caps as per the latest ACI 318 and CSA A23.3. Load combinations per either ASCE 7 or user-defined. Sign up for a free trial or purchase the full version to explore its capabilities.

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