By: Javier Encinas, PE | September 13, 2016

ASDIP RETAIN is structural engineering software for design of retaining walls. ASDIP RETAIN software includes the design of either concrete or masonry cantilever retaining walls based on the latest ACI 318 and MSJC provisions. Following is an overview of the steps required to design cantilever retaining walls using ASDIP RETAIN.


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Select the stem material, either concrete or masonry. ASDIP RETAIN will adjust the input fields accordingly.

Enter the wall and footing dimensions in the Geometry tab.

Select the stem taper side, if any.

ASDIP RETAIN includes a Condensed presentation of results, organized by topic.


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Enter the backfill properties and the earth pressure theory in the Loads tab.

Specify surcharge and concentrated loads, if any.

Enter the wind pressure and the seismic coefficients.

ASDIP RETAIN includes a Detailed presentation of results, with exposed formulas and code references.


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Specify the stem and footing material properties in the Materials tab.

Enter the allowable soil bearing pressure.

ASDIP RETAIN shows graphically the stability pressures.

This structural software shows the overall forces of the stability analysis per load combination.


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Use the Reinforcement tab to enter the stem rebar size and spacing.

Specify the alternate cut-off stem rebars.

Specify the rebar size and spacing of the toe, heel, and key.

ASDIP RETAIN generates a cross section and elevation views with rebars in the Construction tab.


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Use the General tab to enter project information and notes.

ASDIP RETAIN shows graphically the pressures involved in the stem design, and generates the stem shear and bending diagrams.

Thoroughly review the results to make sure that all checks pass. Change dimensions and rebars as necessary.

Detailed information is available about this structural engineering software by visiting ASDIP RETAIN. For engineering background, see our blog post Cantilever Retaining Walls: An Overview of the Design Process (Part 1)  and (Part 2).

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