February 13, 2017


ASDIP STEEL is a structural engineering software for design of steel members and connections. ASDIP STEEL software includes the design of shear connections based on the AISC 360 provisions. Following is a graphical overview of the required steps for shear connection design, with annotated screenshots of the software.

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Shear connection design steps


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Select the connection type: single or double angle, single plate, or tee.

Support can be either column flange or web, and beam web.

Select support and beam sections from the AISC built-in database.

If beam is coped, specify the cope dimensions, top, bottom, or both.

Specify either bolted or welded connector to support and beam.


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Enter connector dimensions, bolt row spacing, and weld dimensions.

Specify material properties for support, beam, and connector.

Enter bolt diameter and material specification.

Specify fillet weld leg size and electrode strength.

At-a-Glance” tab shows summary of results, organized by topic.

ASDIP STEEL calculates capacity of all applicable limit states.


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Software shows which limit state passes, and which fails.

Condensed” tab shows more detailed results, organized by topic.

Select either single pre-combined load, or a set of load cases.

If pre-combined, software uses the load without any load factor.

Specify the load combinations code, either ASCE 7-05 or 10.

Select the steel design method philosophy, either ASD or LRFD.


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Enter the applied loads. Load cases are D, L, Lr, S, W, and E.

Detailed” tab shows fully detailed results, with exposed formulas and Code references.

Software generates scaled graphics of front, side, and top views with dimensions.

Graph” tab provides a Design Summary, for immediate check.

ASDIP STEEL performs additional Code design checks for each connection type.


Specify whether eccentricity of bolt group or welds is neglected at support or beam.

Software checks and reports geometric constraints.

Thoroughly check the text-with-value output messages to verify that all checks pass.

Double check input and output.

Preview or print out Condensed and Detailed reports.

For engineering background please read my post Shear Connections: Overview of the Design Process. For our collection of blog posts about steel design please visit Structural Steel Design.

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