February 16, 2022


ASDIP CONCRETE is a structural engineering software for the design of concrete members. It includes the design of one-way slabs based on the ACI 318 provisions. This document is a detailed step-by-step one-way slab design example using ASDIP CONCRETE software.

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One-Way Slab Design Example

As an example, consider the one-way slab shown below, which is continuous over three spans in a multistory building. The slab is supported on concrete beams running transversely. The slab is exposed to uniform dead and live loads, in addition to the self-weight. The following steps will help you design the slab thickness and reinforcement.


Design Steps

Enter the information given in the statement of the example, which are the span lengths and the applied loads. Go to the Geometry tab and the top enter the slab thickness as 5". This value can be changed later, since the thickness is controlled by the shear and the deflections. At the bottom of the page select 4 supports from the drop down and enter the span lengths in the table, as shown below.

The At-a-Glance tab shows a summary of the design for a quick overview of your work as you go. The green check marks indicate that the checks passed. 


Enter the material properties in the Materials tab, such as the concrete and reinforcing steel strengths. In this case we will use concrete with f'c = 4 ksi. Go to the Loads tab to enter the loads provided in the statement of the example. In this case enter uniform dead and live loads of 30 and 75 psf respectively, in addition to the slab self-weight. Note that these are unfactored loads, and the program will combine them per the specified load combinations.

ASDIP CONCRETE generates the shear and moment diagrams, which can be sorted by load combination. In addition, the software shows the shear and bending design strengths as a background for comparison purposes. The diagrams will change dynamically with any change in the input data.


Specify the rebars size and spacing in the Reinforcement tab, as shown below. Alternatively, click on the button at the top of the page to open the Design Manager and let the software design the reinforcement. Simply specify the rebar sizes you would like to use, and ASDIP CONCRETE will calculate the spacing to comply with the code provisions. You can always change anything you want in the Reinforcement tab to fine-tune the design.

ASDIP CONCRETE generates a sketch of the one-way slab elevation, showing the rebars and all the detailed information. This is useful to identify any problem during the design.



ASDIP CONCRETE includes the design of one-way slabs, with multiple options to optimize the design easily. This one-way slab design example shows that the task can be completed and optimized with ASDIP CONCRETE in just a few minutes.

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