By: Javier Encinas, PE | January 31, 2017

ASDIP Structural Software announces the release of the new version of ASDIP STEEL (Version 4) engineering software. Design professionals utilize ASDIP STEEL software for the design of steel members and connections. Following are some of the most important features included in this version 4.

What modules are included in ASDIP STEEL 4?

This new version includes the following 4 modules:

  • Base plate / Anchorage – Design of column base plates, anchor rods, and shear lugs. Now it includes ACI / AISC Seismic Provisions.
  • Steel column – Design of biaxial sway or non-sway columns. Now it includes AISC Seismic Provisions.
  • Steel / Composite beam – Design of composite or non-composite beams.
  • Shear connections – New module for design of multiple types of shear connections.

The following new features are common to all modules:

  • Loads may be specified either as load cases or as pre-combined.
  • Load cases are internally combined per the ASCE 7- 05 or 10 load combinations.
  • Load cases are: Dead, Live, Roof Live, Snow, Wind, and Seismic.
  • Special combinations per seismic provisions included.
  • Software finds and reports the controlling load combination.

The annotated screenshots below provide a quick insight of the software.

Base plate / Anchorage design.


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ACI / AISC Seismic Provisions included.

Strain compatibility either enforced or ignored.

Three levels of results: At-a-Glance, Condensed, and Detailed.

Condensed tab shows the most relevant results, by topic.

Tension and shear limit states exposed.


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Anchorage design per shear and tension.

Three different options to resist shear.

Anchor rods and shear lugs design included.

Graphic pressures and forces per load combination.

Graphic breakout areas in tension and shear.

Steel column design.


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Direct Analysis Method (DAM) or Effective Length Method (ELM).

Either sway or non-sway stability columns.

Calculation of magnified first-order moments per AISC Appendix 8.

Condensed tab shows the most relevant results, by topic.

AISC Seismic Provisions included.


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Either ASD or LRFD design methodology.

Detailed tab shows step-by-step calculations.

Formulas exposed with references to the Code.

Graphic P-M interaction and Mx-My biaxial diagrams.

Design Manager finds all sections passing the design criteria.

Steel / Composite beam design.


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Model slab and deck for composite or non-composite.

Either shored or un-shored temporary construction.

Specify % of partial composite.

Supports may be either pinned or fixed.

Model interior or edge beams.

Applicable limit states exposed.


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Software allows modeling construction loads.

Copy loads to other segments to simplify input.

Model uniform, concentrated, and end moments.

Shear and moment diagrams per segment and load combination.

Design Manager finds all sections passing the design criteria.

Shear connections design.


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Single angle, double angle, single plate, and tee connectors.

Support can be column flange or web, and beam web.

Graphic front, side, and top views of the connection.

Select sections from the AISC built-in database.

Bolted or welded connector to support and beam.


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Top and bottom flanges of beam can be coped.

Software calculates capacity of all applicable limit states.

Vertical eccentricity may be specified.

Software finds the combinations that pass and fail.

Program performs Code design checks  and verifies geometry.

Detailed information is available about this structural engineering software by visiting ASDIP STEEL. You are invited to download a Free 15-Day Software Trial or go ahead and Place Your Order.

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Javier Encinas, PE
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