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Anchor Rods: How to Calculate the Tension Breakout Capacity

By: Javier Encinas, PE | June 14, 2017 Anchor rods are elements designed to resist mostly tension forces, sometimes in combination with shear. Out of all the tension limit states required by ACI 318, concrete breakout is particularly important because a concrete failure would be non-ductile, and therefore it should be avoided. This blog post discusses how to calculate the breakout capacity of anchor rods. I will use our software ASDIP STEEL to support the discussion. Concrete breakout assumes a failure forming a concrete cone based on a prism angle of 35 degrees. This method predicts the strength [...]

Structural Steel Design: ASDIP STEEL (Version 3) Release

By: Javier Encinas, PE | January 11, 2016 ASDIP Structural Software releases regular updates to ASDIP STEEL (Version 3) structural engineering software. Utilize ASDIP STEEL software for the design of base plates / anchorage, steel columns, and steel / composite beams. Following are some features included in this version 3. Click To Enlarge This structural engineering software offers three levels of design results, such as At-a-glance, Condensed, and Detailed. ASDIP STEEL 3 includes a Detailed tab showing step-by-step calculations organized by topic, with exposed formulas and references to the design Code. [...]