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Footing Design: ASDIP FOUNDATION (Version 3) Release

By: Javier Encinas, PE | April 17, 2016 ASDIP Structural Software announces the release of ASDIP FOUNDATION (Version 3) structural engineering software. Utilize ASDIP FOUNDATION software for the design of spread footings, strap footings, and combined footings. Following are some features included in this version 3. Click To Enlarge ASDIP FOUNDATION 3 complies with the ACI 318-14 and ASCE 7-10 Code provisions. This structural engineering software accepts either pre-combined or nominal loads. It includes a new Detailed tab showing step-by-step calculations organized by topic, with exposed formulas and Code references. [...]

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ASDIP Project Manager – The Core of the Software

By: Javier Encinas, PE | March 28, 2016 ASDIP is structural engineering software for member design. When ASDIP opens, a window pops up showing a menu bar and icons at the top, some buttons at the left, a tree at the right, and more buttons below the tree. This is the ASDIP Project Manager, as shown in the picture below. This blog post covers the purpose and capabilities of this part of ASDIP software. What is the purpose of the Project Manager? In ASDIP software all project information, including calculations, settings, preferences, etc, is stored in [...]

Spread Footings Under Biaxial Bending: A Complex Design Subject

By: Javier Encinas, PE | February 7, 2016 ASDIP FOUNDATION includes the design of concrete spread footings. This structural engineering software is based on the latest ACI 318 provisions. This article covers the complexities inherent to the design of spread footings when subjected to a combination of vertical loads, horizontal loads, and biaxial bending. For a simple spread footing with a vertical compression load, the resulting bearing pressure is uniform and the shear and bending can be calculated easily by hand. If the column is at the corner of a building, then biaxial moments could be transferred to the footing. [...]

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