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Spread Footing Real-Life Example Using ASDIP FOUNDATION

By: Javier Encinas, PE | October 15, 2018 ASDIP FOUNDATION is a structural engineering software for the design of concrete footings. It includes the design of biaxial spread footings, based on the ACI 318 provisions. This document is a step-by-step design example of a real-life spread footing using ASDIP FOUNDATION. As an example, consider the spread footing shown below, which is part of a building expansion. The new footing is adjacent to an existing footing, and the dimensions are also affected by the proximity of the property limit. As a result, the column will be eccentric in both directions. Design [...]

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Footing Design: How to Check the Shear Capacity per ACI 318

By: Javier Encinas, PE | August 14, 2017 The foundation is that part of the structure that transfers the loads to the supporting soil in such a way that the resulting bearing pressures are kept under acceptable limits. If the underlying soil is satisfactory, then a spread footing is usually the recommended solution by the soils engineer. In addition to the stability checks and the design for flexure, a spread footing needs to be designed for shear. This blog post discusses the shear checks required by ACI 318. Our software ASDIP FOUNDATION will be used to support our discussion. What [...]

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How to Design Spread Footings Using ASDIP FOUNDATION

By: Javier Encinas, PE | July 12, 2017 ASDIP FOUNDATION is a structural engineering software for design of concrete footings. It includes the design of spread footings based on the latest ACI provisions. Following is a graphical overview of the required design steps, with annotated screenshots of the software. Click To Enlarge Enter the footing dimensions in plan and elevation view. Specify the soil cover and the water table depth. Click on the Column tab and specify the column dimensions. The column can be offset in both directions. If column is a short pedestal, loads [...]

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