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Composite Beam Design Example Using ASDIP STEEL

By: Javier Encinas, PE | Aug 22, 2018 ASDIP STEEL is a structural engineering software for the design of structural steel members. It includes the design of composite beams based on the AISC provisions. This document is a step-by-step design example of a composite beam using ASDIP STEEL. As an example, consider the beam shown below, which is part of a storage building. The first level is a parking space, therefore the second floor will have a series of transfer beams to support the columns of the storage levels above, which typically are in a 10'x10' grid. Design the transfer [...]

Structural Steel Design: ASDIP STEEL (Version 3) Release

By: Javier Encinas, PE | January 11, 2016 ASDIP Structural Software releases regular updates to ASDIP STEEL (Version 3) structural engineering software. Utilize ASDIP STEEL software for the design of base plates / anchorage, steel columns, and steel / composite beams. Following are some features included in this version 3. Click To Enlarge This structural engineering software offers three levels of design results, such as At-a-glance, Condensed, and Detailed. ASDIP STEEL 3 includes a Detailed tab showing step-by-step calculations organized by topic, with exposed formulas and references to the design Code. [...]