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ASDIP Structural Engineering Software Testimonials

These testimonials were kindly provided by professionals using ASDIP structural software, intended to offer guidance to other professionals visiting the website and looking for similar solutions.

" I have been using ASDIP for almost 20 years and have seen the leaps and bounds taken by Javier and his team in the development of their Suite. ASDIP today is the most user friendly, intuitive, and versatile utility software we use in our office. Most of the everyday calculations can be quickly and accurately performed using ASDIP. They improve and constantly update their programs, and their technical support is second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend ASDIP to any structural engineering firm, large or small, as a phenomenal time saving tool.

Fresnel E Hernandez, PE

GF Consulting Engineers Inc.

Miami, FL


" ASDIP software is great!! We have all of them. They have helped us streamline our design work. The platform is very easy to use and the results and explicit calculations are presentable for our deliveries. Also, the customer service is super quick! Thank you!

Roberto Rivera Del Valle, MSCE, PE

Integra Design Group, Architects & Engineers, PSC

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico


" I found ASDIP Retain several years ago. I needed it for a specific project. It was so user friendly and easy to use. I've used it many, many times since. I then tried the Foundation version and again it was perfect for my needs. I've now purchased the entire suite. Customer service is excellent and the software is up to date and very thorough. There are tutorial type emails sent out periodically which show exactly how to get the most out of the software. These are particularly helpful. It's not often I'm this pleased with a product but I'm a customer for life!

Chad Elliott, PE

Muscle Shoals, Alabama


" The suite of design programs ASDIP is an excellent complement to the analysis of concrete and steel structures. We use them in most of our important structural projects such as tall buildings, industrial plants and special projects. The results are presented in a format that is useful to keep track of the calculations, and the software easily allows you to change the input and optimize the results.

Alberto Ordóñez Curotto, MSc Math, Ph.D MIT

Ordóñez Engineering

Lima, Peru


" I have used this structural engineering software for several months and it’s clearly the best structural engineering software in my library. This software is straight forward, up-to-date, reliable, and the customer service is just great.

Douglas Castillo, PhD, CE

Structural Aide Design & Engineering

Davie, Florida


" This structural engineering software has been an excellent tool for me, with very good technical support when I needed it. Overall, it looks like this is going to be an extremely handy piece of software for me.

Andrew Willard, PE

Willard's Resource Management

Hermon, New York


" The software is very intuitive and helpful for the type of work we do. We are always using it for helping our clients with smaller sized walls, foundations, etc. The best part of the software is truly the support. Every time I have had a question about how to change a setting that seems hidden to me, support has been prompt and efficient. It is almost like they are sitting there with you and easily guide you to a quick solution. I just had to switch computers and I seemed to have misplaced my installation instructions. Support walked me through the whole process and took less than 5 minutes. Best customer support out there!

Chris Reich, PE

Reich Engineering

Spokane, Washington


" I first purchased ASDIP suite at a previous employer to check other structural software analysis. It soon became my go to design software which I used on a near daily basis. The software suites are intuitive and produce meaningful data with only a few clicks. Now that I’ve started my own firm, ASDIP suite of software tools are a must have for efficient structural designing at a very competitive cost.

Dan Alexander, PE

Midwest Engineering, Inc.

Lincoln, Nebraska


" I’ve used Mr Encinas’ software for designing composite steel beams, and found it easy to use, surprisingly flexible (for a “fill in the blanks” interface), and best of all, largely self documenting. I’m an engineer who always struggles with documenting calculations owing to time constraints. Being able to print out a nicely-formatted output that reflects a classic hand-calculation approach is a boon. I highly recommend this product.

Regards, and thanks for a great software and the superlative customer support!

William L. Polhemus, Jr. PE

Polhemus Engineering Company, PLLC

Houston, Texas


" I have found the ASDIP suite of programs very useful and a great value. They are intuitive and easy to use. Javier is always available for courteous and thorough technical help. I hope the number of programs continue to grow. I highly recommend ASDIP to all my fellow structural engineers.

Frank R. Nora, PE

Middlesex, New Jersey


" It’s been of great help using ASDIP structural engineering software in my projects. Very user-friendly and you can review immediately what went wrong with your work. Doing my work with less effort but with big return. Thank you so much and more power.

Edmundo Eptumaca

Eptumaca Engineering Services



" I am thoroughly pleased with your software, as it hs saved me a lot of engineering time; not only with final design work but the opportunity to quickly look at many alternatives for cost effectiveness. One of the best investments I've made in engineering software.

Jim Sawyer, PE

JS Engineering, LLC

Urbana, Ohio


" What an elegant collection of analysis & design modules. Versatile and easy to use. It makes the repetitive and daily design tasks so simple. The graphics are very appropriate and the report format is easy to follow. It saves a lot of time thus increasing efficiency & profit. A must-have for the practicing structural engineer.

Tony Nasser, PE

Sarasota, Florida


" I have enjoyed the use of this structural engineering software. This engineering software is user friendly and the text and graphics presentation depicting the design solutions are excellent.

Jose E. Barbosa, AIA, CSI

FIGBAR Architects, Inc

Orlando, Florida


" Quick, easy and thorough! This software is the most user-friendly engineering suite I’ve ever used. The input modules are very intuitive, and easy to follow and the comprehensive output with code references make verifying the output a snap.

Richard B. Ewer, PE

Celerity Engineering, Inc.

League City, Texas


" Thank you for the prompt response to my questions regarding the ASDIP RETAIN software. I appreciate the time saved using ASDIP structural engineering software and your willingness to answer questions and address comments.

Paul Nowak, PhD, PE

Gonzaga University

Spokane, Washington


" I am really interested in your complete structural engineering software. I have shopped around and your engineering software is amazingly put together.

Jeremy Couch, PE

Tampa Civil Design

Lutz, Florida


" I was using Enercalc’s retaining wall module for wall design. It was cumbersome and glitchy. I needed a change and found ASDIP retaining wall software and was immediately impressed. The interface is clean and easy to use. The input options are located in logical tabs and provide me with all of the options that I need. I had one issue using the program due to my computer missing a windows install file, and Javier quickly helped me solve this. The install file was not related to the ASDIP software. Great software and even better support!!

Travis Rodriguez, PE

Simi Valley, California


"I have been using ASDIP products (steel, retaining wall, and foundation) for a little over 1 year, and I must say I am overly impressed!
Software is intuitive and extremely EASY to use and learn. I have used it for design and submitted the brief report to the sealing engineer, and not one comment was issued.
Fantastic software and would recommend it to all practicing engineers out there. Keep up the great work!

Paolo M. Trevisan, PE

Trevitech Consulting LTD

Ontario, Canada


" I have been using ASDIP structural engineering software in my profession and I find it extremely helpful. This engineering software saves me a lot of time. It’s easy to use and the results are very accurate. I hope ASDIP Structural Software can develop more software packages to assist me in my design work.

Harry T. Wong



" ASDIP offers an excellent suite of structural engineering software modules for a price individuals and small businesses can actually afford.

Stephen Walters

Lancaster, Pennsylvania


" I have been using ASDIP software for some 3 years and consider the software to be most detailed, efficient, accurate and easy to use design software available for concrete and steel design and detailing. The integrated active graphic modules provide excellent visual design results for load combinations for shear and moments and graphical construction details. The condense and detailed reports provides the designer a most complete documentation of design calculations and code review, and is an excellent source when design calculation submittals are required. I am very satisfied with ASDIP software.

David R. Cassara, PE

DRC Associates

Rochester, New York


" I’ve been using SAP2000 for a while to design continuous concrete beams, but have never been happy with all the work it takes to produce a decent easy to read report (specially for old-fashion town engineers). The reports that ASDIP CONCRETE generates couldn’t be any better. They beautifully show all the math, the equations, code references and load combinations. What I like the most is the reinforcement detailing. I only got the ASDIP Concrete module and now I’m considering buying the rest.

Juan C. Lopez, PE

ANDES Consulting Engineering

Nutley, New Jersey


" We have been working with the ASDIP software suite for a few months and have found it to be a valuable tool in design of our structural elements.  The platform is user-friendly and there are immediate results when running the analysis.  It has helped to cut our analysis time in half.  We are a small but growing firm.  The value we get from the ASDIP platform far exceeds the cost of the programs.

Ray Crossan, PE

Fidelis Engineering, Inc.

Glenmoore, Pennsylvania


" I Love how you investigate features in the Steel Program that I have suggested. The latest feature of adding the 0.8 stiffness factor for the Direct Design method works great. Your Software really is First Class and you provide First Class Support.

Bruce W. Mahoney, PE

South Park, Pennsylvania


" I recently purchased all four of the ASDIP structural engineering software modules. After using this engineering software for a few months I believe it works very well for its intended purpose. ASDIP is very simple to use, is reasonably priced, and the calculation output is organized with a nice looking readable layout.

Chris Krus, PE

Krus Engineered Solutions

Lansing, Michigan


" The ASDIP structural engineering program suites are intuitive and well thought out software products.  I routinely use the steel, concrete and retaining suites in the design of coastal structures. The presentation, graphics and data input interactive are straightforward and logically presented.  Regular updates are provided which address comments from users and continually improve the scope and application of the software. Customer support is excellent and the value of the product relative to the cost of the software is one of the best I have come across in the engineering software field.  The author also provides design approach blogs on a regular basis which demonstrates his commitment to the product and his clientele.  I highly recommend ASDIP software to other structural engineers.

Robert Cutcher, PE

Cutcher & Associates, Inc. Coastal Engineers

Jupiter, Florida


" We use it as an architectural tool, allowing us to model design concepts ahead of the structural engineers, who we find very conservative and unexcited about new design concepts. ASDIP allows us to say “Of course it is going to work, see”. Generally, our structural folks use an older tool but they have all been impressed by ASDIP and the clear reports. Your customer service is without equal and has certainly made my job easier.

Clyde McMorrow, AIA

San Jose, California


" I like the output because is SUPER well explained, easy to follow and the software does what I don’t have time to do, an excellent calculation report. Also, the software is very stable. I love MKS units included, makes me feel like fish in water.

Felipe Gallegos, MSE

San Salvador, El Salvador


" Love your retaining wall program and its ability to switch between US and Metric units so easily. I returned my Retain Pro software after realizing that ASDIP Retain is much better. Love your GUI.

Will Braswell, PE

Aquatic Design & Engineering

Orlando, Florida


" I am really glad I purchased this software package. The data input is intuitive and therefore easy to do. The condensed output provides just the right amount of data, while the full reports show all the details, should they be required. I only have used ASDIP for a few days, but it already saved me enough time to justify the investment.

Roland Heimisch, PE

Tecinstruct LLC

Seattle, Washington


" Your products look good, and look like they would work for us. I appreciate you working with me all the questions. Thank you for making this a painless process.

Andrew J. Holmes, PE, PLS

Midwest Engineering Inc.

Lexington, Kentucky


" The detailed presentation of results and exposed formulas got my attention and interest. This is actually fulfilling a very important aspect of using computer programs to calculate connections. This capability alone represents a PLUS that deserves to be shared all around. I can envision a great success for your program. Thanks for sharing this with the engineering community.

Howard Velasquez, M.ASCE

Salt Lake City, Utah


" Aloha Javier,
I am not an engineer but need to be able to do basic calculations for my designs. After looking at many platforms I chose yours because of its simple input and awesome output! I will add all other modules as the need arises.


Carey Adkison

No'eau Drafting Company LLC.

Kailua Kona, Hawaii


"  Easy to use with reliable results, the software suite I purchased has proven to be extremely useful in my practice. I am impressed with ASDIP’s updates and customer service.

Harriet Markis, PE, SECB

Markis Consulting Engineering, PLLC.

Bronx, New York


" I was looking for design tools to speed up my calculations process.  Most of them are too complicated to use and rather expensive.  In my search, I came across ASDIP software and decided to download the 15 days trial.  The software installation is clean and straightforward, which is a big plus already.  After tried it for a week, I got convinced then I bought the ASDIP Suite. I am very happy with my purchase.  I use it every time, especially for foundation design.  Customer service is prompt and professional.

Yuri Yurianto, SE, PE, M.Sc

Modular Structural Consultants, LLC. 

Plano, Texas


" I used ASDIP RETAIN in a project where I was designing a Variable Height Retaining Wall and I am considering to purchase the entire software. The software worked great. It’s user friendly, easy to use, with adequate and sorted results, detailed report of the results, and a very professional support team.

Waleed Alneef

Qussaim University

Rumah, Saudi Arabia


"  I had been having some challenges with my computer due to some registry issues and i had a pressing deadline approaching regarding a retaining wall design for a client. I contacted Javier multiple times in an effort to figure out why the program was not launching on my computer as before. He was patient, kind and calm as he communicated with me late into the night & throughout the next day until the problem was resolved. I can say with confidence that not only Javier is knowledgeable technically, but he has a very pleasant demeanor as he offered prompt service to suit my needs.

Sabrina Urbano, PE

Trinidad and Tobago


" This structural design software is definitely a suite of very useful and practical tools for the design of concrete and steel elements. I have been able to use these tools and check the results with many hand calculations and spreadsheets. The results are simply fantastic. I’m currently working with the ASDIP software in some of our engineering projects, and I’m satisfied with the quick and reliable results.

Isaac Salazar Moreno, M.Sc

IASM Ingeniería

Ciudad de Panamá


" I have been using ASDIP RETAIN on a number of projects with a great deal of satisfaction on the input and output of the software.  The input fields are intuitive and provide immediate consequence on the results, graphs, diagrams, etc.  This makes the iterative design very transparent as various input combinations can be evaluated for their effect on the results.  ASDIP RETAIN is the only software that incorporates pile supported retaining walls in the same module that I am aware.  The most valuable aspect of ASDIP is the technical support.  We’re all used to waiting months or even years before reported bugs are picked by one of the big names in the structural software industry.  Javier Encinas personally answers emails and is able to address any errors or even suggestions to the input in a matter of days.  The pricing is very competitive.  I highly recommend this software, it will pay for itself on the first project you’ll use it on.

Adam Urbanek, PE, SE

Exp Federal

Chicago, Illinois


" The software is incredibly straight forward and easy to use. Very detailed so that one is not scratching their head trying to figure out what the calculations are doing in reference to the AISC and ACI standards. I especially found the method options for design of column base plates and anchorage to concrete under ACI 318, along with the seismic provision option, to be very flexible in its scope of design. Also, the ASDIP blog posts on seismic design of anchor rods helped my understanding of application of the over-strength factor requirement in ACI 318 Chapter 17. The Structural Steel Design module of ASDIP Structural Software is a very capable design tool.

Lawrence Lewis, PE

Quick Tanks Inc.

Kendallville, Indiana


" I have been using each of the four structural engineering suites from ASDIP for several years now.   I find the software to be easy to use and extremely cost effective.    Data input and file management are both simple and intuitive.    Output results  are presented in easy to follow formats for calculations and graphics.  Reference criteria is show next to the equation as are the relative load combinations.    Overall, I find the ASDIP software to be among the best I’ve used for coastal structure design.

Robert Cutcher, PE

Cutcher & Associates, Inc.

Jupiter, Florida


" One of the best software in the market for footing design. I’m currently pursuing my MS in structural engineering at UTA and for most of the project, I have used this software. This software is user-friendly and detail-oriented which make the work efficient. I have also suggested this to my fellow students. Great work.

Shams Abbas Naqvi

Graduate student at University of Texas

Arlington, Texas


" I very much liked your Retaining Wall software. I designed a Counterfort Wall with a surcharge; and was able to complete the design in a short time. The input was friendly and progressed nicely through the design. I was able to do this after a short tutorial review by ASDIP and figuring out the software on my own. I reviewed the design results as I progressed and went back and revised design input as needed. Resulting Design calculations were easy to follow and well organized. I do highly recommend the ASDIP Structural Engineering Software.

Jon Allen, PE

Millcreek Engineering

Salt Lake, Utah


" Your software is awesome! For me, it’s the best software especially ASDIP FOUNDATION. I’ve tried other software but ASDIP overcomes all of them. The detailed calculation on the output, the user-friendly GUI, ASDIP is the best.

Ruel Paler, PE

R2P Construction Services

San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines


" In March of this year, I started using ASDIP. From years of using different software and developing my custom solutions, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical. I bought a year lease for all the modules. The software is straightforward to use, different options in terms of reporting, and precisely what I am looking for in terms of submitting calculations and designing. But the best feature of the software is customer support, always fast responses to questions and revisions to the software if needed, and with a great attitude. Glad I decided to try the software, and without a doubt, I recommend ASDIP. Keep up the excellent work.

Augusto Poitevin, Ph.D., PE, SI


Miami, Florida


" I have used the ASDIP structural engineering full package suite for several months and it’s clearly the best structural engineering software in my library. The software is straight forward, up-to-date, reliable, and the customer service is prompt. My Civil/Structural Engineering firm of 30 years in Washington State is licensed in all 50 States and, because I can handle complex problems faster and more reliably, the scope and size of my average project has increased.

John C Raby P.E.

John C Raby & Assoc. Inc.

Spokane, Washington


" I am very pleased with my purchase of the ASDIP SUITE. I am a licensed engineer with a master’s degree in structures, and more than 20 years of experience. I’ve been looking for years for a design program with an iterative base that would allow me to make calculations in real time and at the same time see the computations to arrive at safe design values. I have tried many software on the market and despite being good, they did not provide me with the security because their reports went directly to the results. ASDIP reports are basically a university class that shows you the reference, including the formula used and the code where it came from. To all this I must add that the price is absolutely accessible and the assistance service by Eng. Encinas is super professional. It is not about a sale and farewell, but a constant, fast assistance in which I have clarified my doubts instantly.

Moisés Torres Méndez, MECE, PE

Torres Engineering

Toa Baja, Puerto Rico


" After an extensive search I finally found the software ASDIP RETAIN. I have been using this program for more than five years, and it works very well, it’s easy to use and very user-friendly. It has several methods for the calculation of retaining walls, and the company provides an excellent technical support, always looking for ways to improve the service and benefit their customers.

Jesus González T., PE

Tijuana, BC, Mexico


" Javier has provided excellent help with the software and in general. It's very nice to have a P.E. reply to your needs when it comes to the software. I would highly recommend this to anyone I know.

Jordan Pakota, PE

Optimum Engineering Group LLC.

Cabot, Arizona


" Javier was very helpful and quick to respond when I contacted ASDIP support using the chat feature on their website. I needed help getting the ASDIP license set up after getting a new computer, and Javier knew exactly how to help and quickly got ASDIP working for me. I’ve also talked to Javier previously about questions I had regarding design calculations and code references, and he has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful with that as well. Of all the similar software I have used, ASDIP has the best tech/design support I’ve received!

Hannah Gamba, E.I.T

FWH Associates, P.A.

Toms River, New Jersey


" I have used the Foundation module for a year now. This software was exactly what I needed; it is simple, intuitive, and easy to use with very concise analysis reports. It is a very good investment and very reasonably priced. Support was also exceptional, although I only needed it once. I would recommend this software to anyone needing a reliable foundation design tool. I’ll be purchasing the retaining wall module next.

Dan Carter, PE

CAE Engineering Ltd.



" Our firm has owned ASDIP for many years. However we have renewed our focus on ASDIP software. The YouTube support videos and the 24/7 phone support have no equal in the structural design software industry. 

We should have been using your programs many years ago.  They are very well

organized and we greatly appreciate how the information is presented

in the programs. We strongly recommend ASDIP!!

Martin Pitts, PE

J. Martin Pitts PE LLC

Montrose, Alabama


" We have used the full ASDIP suite for about a year and immediately recognized its value. The simple and intuitive interface makes reviewing calculations fast and efficient. The analysis / results layout is transparent, compact and thorough; this truly helps the user easily find deficiencies and determine their remedies. The ASDIP Support is fantastic via chat providing assistance on the software, design and even IT for installation and licensing. We can’t say enough good things about the ASDIP suite!

Gregory Roberson, PE

Foy Consulting & Engineering, LLC

Overland Park, Kansas

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